Getting Started - Template Information

Third-Party Images:

5 Strands Image as a PDF

The template uses the "logo.jpg" image that has our sample business name/logo applied.  In the Resources folder you will find a logo-blank.jpg file. You can add your text using any image editing software program and use your favorite font, apply effects, and more. Save your edited image as logo.jpg into the images folder of your web and allow it to overwrite the existing file.

JavaScript Calendar:

We include a simple JavaScript calendar in many of our templates. This script is set to show the current date only. If you do not wish to include the calendar, you can delete it from the code.

<p><script type="text/javascript" src="calendar.js"></script></p>

To change the size of the fonts in the calendar or to change the colors, you will need to edit the calendar.js file. [Credit for this application: While this script is free, we recommend that you give credit for the application.]

JavaScript Lightbox:

The Lightbox JavaScript consists of two files (the lightbox.js and a lightbox.css file, located in the Scripts folder) and three images (the animated loading.gif, the .png image for the dark overlay, and the close.gif that appears in the top, right corner of the display box). We recommend that you do not move or edit any of these files.

The Lightbox allows you to click on a small photo and have a larger image appear in a semi-transparent overlay that will appear on top of the page. The script will automatically size itself, so your images can be different sizes. Your hyperlinks will look like this:

<a href="images/products/product1_large.jpg" rel="lightbox"
title="Your product description goes here">
<img alt="sample photo" src="images/products/product1_small.jpg" /></a>

  1. First insert your small photo onto the page.
  2. Create a hyperlink to the larger photo.
  3. Switch to code view and add the rel="lightbox" which activates the javascript.
  4. If you wish to have a title appear, add the title attribute as shown in the example above.

The lightbox script is included in the head section on every page, so you can use it for more than just the catalog page.

[Credit for this application: It is also featured at While this script is free, we recommend that you give credit for all 3rd party applications.)