What Attunements Are


An attunement works with the subtle energy pathways of the body. It uses the nadis and the specific five filaments of the nadis like a wiring schematic. It also uses brain waves, yours and mine, the electrical energy produced by the heart, and something akin to prayer. Because of the way the attunement is diagrammed and the way you and I are wired, it pulls out of that energy conglomerate described before exactly what is needed. It creates certain "currents" that will help heal the body's tissue, the heart's emotions, and the mind's turbulence.

That's the easy part to understand because it deals with natural science, and the physics of it. More difficult to understand is the mystical component that I won't deny exists. It is difficult to explain, but really easy to experience, time and time again. Experiencing these consistently replicable experiences is what convinced this skeptic, otherwise I wouldn't have been doing this work for a couple of decades now. There is a sacred Majesty to the process - done right.

An attunement is a procedure derived from unimaginably ancient methods that have worked, like acupuncture and Qi Gong, for thousands of years.

Most of this remarkable process is quite scientific: do this in that way, and thus will result. However, there is that element to it that is mysterious, mystical, and unexplainable. At the same time that it is mystical, and is a leap of faith, it is also very natural, as it is based in body electronics.

The most effective attunements are passed through a system that has had a direct, person-to-person unbroken lineage back to the ancient culture which birthed It. The further the experience has moved from its roots, the less reliable, grounded, consistently reproducible and long-lasting it will be.

It takes a certain wattage to confer the attunement. If the field is ramped up to the voltage required for an effective attunement, there is a limit to how many our bodies can carry out in one day. If someone is claiming to pass energy dozens, or a hundred or more times in a day then what they're offering is equivalent to something like a rather good treatment session -- and even then, there's a limit.

Effective Distance attunements are rare, uncommon, but certainly possible. They do require highly skilled and focused practitioners who have created a marked connection to the person at the other end. Our Temple Academies Gestalt practitioners trained for over ten years to be able to impart them.

I believe most of the statements by people claiming to do attunements with or generate session energy to hundreds or more recipients are issued by well-intentioned people who simply don't understand the phenomenon of attunements  or even energy exchanges very deeply.

There is a science, a majesty, a sacred connection during an attunement experience that is unmistakable. The attunement includes an energy exchange, because of course, it wouldn't be one without the passage of energy; neither is it one without elevating it to the level that includes the science, the majesty, the sacredness, and more.