Our Classes

The display below is only a sample of the complete syllabus. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger image that will give you a sense of the energy, too.

First Degree
First Degree stabilizes, aligns and coordinates the physical/etheric energy sheath. The attunements expand the capacity of the nadi to carry physical healing force. Four attunements give you four separate healing tools, used singly and in combination for self and others, with amazing results. Prana Filament of the Nadi
Second Degree
2nd Degree  Soothes, stabilizes, integrates and coordinates the astral/emotional body. It will soothe and conclude an ambitious emotional clearing process set in motion at 1st Degree. It gives added power to the desire body and the attraction process. Amplifies or begins the ability to heal at a distance. Samana Filament.
Third Degree
3rd Degree Focuses on the concrete mental body and often reorganizes or eliminates previously unquestioned assumptions ideas about the way we approach life. It begins an acceleration of Third Eye energies which often leads to quickened psychic development.   Apana Filament

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Temple Academies
Check at www.helix3.com for Temple Academies full catalog of classes: OMEGA Shakti 1-7th Degree, Helix Energy System, Temple Reiki.