Great Good News


In an alchemical combination of group energy, 21st Century technology, and advanced distant contact technique developed by Rosanne, OMEGA classes, 1st to 7th Degree, that do not require the additional expense and inconvenience of traveling to Florida to work with her in person are now available.

1st and 2nd Degree training and attunement are only available from Rosanne if no local teacher is available and considered on a case by case basis. And of course, for those outside the US, or France.

If you have the good fortune to have an OMEGA Instructor in your region, or traveling to your region, this is still the recommended method.  Some - particularly outside the US - do not have this choice open to them, of course.


This new approach developed soundly, organically, and systematically for over a decade, out of a Master Mind energy group conducted with Temple Academies Teachers and advanced students.

Join with us as we explore the new frontiers of consciousness energy and communication open to us in these exciting times!

Contact us at helixro14 AT and we can discuss more of the specifics, logistics and cost.


Rev. Rosanne Amato Fischer, Founder and Director of Temple Academies, Lineage holder - OMEGA Shakti System